Seek Out The Second Half Life You Truly Deserve


Post Career Pioneer, Lon Stroschein delivers an enlightening guide to giving it all up and focusing on what truly matters. 


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Seek Out The Second Half Life You Truly Deserve


Post Career Pioneer, Lon Stroschein delivers an enlightening guide to giving it all up and focusing on what truly matters.  

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The Trade is entertaining, uplifting wisdom.

This is a captivatingly genuine story about the choices one person made, and the fundamental difference they made for he and those who love him. 

Lon Stroschein’s journey is uniquely his own, but every reader will see parts of their own lives in his. 

The Trade is a must-read for anyone facing transition. 

- Stan McChrystal, General US Army (Retired) CEO & Founder, McChrystal Group, Author of Teams, Leaders: Myth and Reality, and Risk

There’s something holding you back and you don’t know what it is.

You don’t know why it’s there, and you don’t know what you should do about it, so you avoid it.

Again. Like you did last year and the year before.

In February 2022, Lon Stroschein left his job as a public company executive, without a plan, another job lined up, or even a resume.

Then, on a lark, he wrote about it to his tiny following on LinkedIn.

Like Lon, you have likely lived life by the book and clicked off the boxes of growth, got the promotions you wanted, and are living above what you would have thought possible only six years ago. You set down a path 15 years ago, and it has delivered you here – where you are today.

To any outsider, it looks really damn good.

So, why does it not feel as good as it looks?

The Trade is a guide through making the biggest change of your mid-life, laid out in a funny, honest, articulate way by a dude who went through it all.

If you have ‘the perfect life’ but still feel unfulfilled, then The Trade is the perfect place to start your journey to your second-half story.

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I not only endorse 'The Trade' - I wrote the foreword!

You may wonder: “Am I too late? Did I miss my chance? Is this only possible for men in their 20s?” 

These questions find me every day, often from men like you.

I used to think I was the only one who would wrestle with these questions. I soon came to discover that these thoughts are nearly universal. When you discover that you are not invincible, and there is no permanent security, you remember that freedom was always your pursuit.

This is what drew me to Lon’s message of inspiring people to be intentional about their second-half story. It requires us to make trades that other people are unwilling to make.

I met Lon when he joined one of our mentoring communities at I met him by accident, or maybe by fate; I just happened to walk into the room when he was on a video call with a member of my team. He explained his vision for Normal 40 and his desire to help men navigate the difficulty of making The Trade after their first chapter. He told me how difficult it is for established men to trade who they have become for a chance to do what they are called to do next.

I was hooked. I believe that is a mission worth fighting for, and this is why I am not only endorsing The Trade, but have also written the foreword.

You need to own this book, create a plan and then make The Trade.

- Ryan Daniel Moran, CEO, & Best Selling Author of 12 Months to $1 Million

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