When people find Normal 40, they often don’t know where to start. They’ve read some books, listened to some podcasts, and have probably purchased some supplements hoping for some magic. But there you remain, only older.

The best money you can spend to feel like you’re starting is to join a community that feels like you feel, has lived as you have lived, and is just as unclear about what’s next as you. This is not a place of misery – it’s the opposite. This is a place of empowerment and inspiration. The Insider is the best community to finally feel like you’re starting.

The Insider is not here to help you quit, it is here to help you start.


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Join us in a brotherhood where together we can break the bonds of fear and forge a path to a brighter second-half. 

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Make the Transition from the successful life you have to the life you want.

It is not easy to turn your back on corporate success. Your steady paycheck, the respect from your peers, the perceived expectations from your partner. If you give it all up, who are you now?

The Insider is full of people just like you and is led every week by Lon.

This is where you start.

What is the Normal 40 Community?

Normal 40 is no normal community.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are not the places for these kinds of talks, you never know who might be listening!

We work in our own platform, owned by Normal 40, to support each other from behind the wall. Sounds cool and mysterious, right? But it is totally true. This is a place where you don’t need to bring your title; none of us really care what you do. We want to know who you are when you don’t have to be a title, and we want to help you get where you are going.

This is not a community dedicated to helping you quit. This is a community dedicated to helping you start. But - it’s also a community where you can help others on their journey, as we all help you along yours.

My goal is to make this the best investment in you it can be. For $25 / month, you will have access to me, to a community of people just like you, and you can finally feel the momentum from knowing you have started.

Welcome to the Normal 40 Highway 

The best days are in the windshield. 

In February 2022, I left my job as a 1% wage earner.

I had caught what I chased: The C-Suite office. Pay. Travel. Car. Image…

Most think I left because I was unhappy, but I’m smarter than that.
I decided to leave before I wasted any more time chasing what I would never find in a corporate setting. I was lucky - I avoided being crushed by the expectation of others, and I was able to escape while I still had my best days in front of me. But it was damn hard.

You might not be sure why you are here – but I know why: You are wrestling with something. Something is stealing your Sunday afternoons and destroying your Mondays. There is something staring you in the face, something begging you to chase it, and something calling on you to make a bet - on you.

The whole thing has you feeling frustrated, anxious, controlled, annoyed and alone. To make things worse, you feel guilt and shame for wanting more than all you currently have.

You simply want to feel good about all you have done to now, but you can’t.

Dude, I get it. Not long ago, that was me.

This is the idea behind the Normal 40.

What’s next from here will not be easy. It will not be obvious, it will go slower than you would like, and there will be some sort of cost. What comes next is work – to discover what it is you would trade all you have become, for a chance to live who you want to be, next.

This is “The Trade.” It requires a desire to test yourself on your own merits, and it requires insane courage to trade what you’ve already created for something you can’t even articulate. And it takes your acknowledging that this will not be free, it will be a trade. You will have to leave something behind before you can chase what’s next.

BUT know this:

The friendships you’ve made along the way are portable; they don’t end when the paycheck does.

The skills you’ve gained will be there the moment you need them.

The fans you have built will admire your courage, and the ney-sayers will ask you to coffee in eight months to ask you how you had the courage to do it.

I'm a Certified Coach and former public company executive who now helps leaders get clarity on the change they want in life. I help build roadmaps for your second-half story. So come on in, join the Normal 40 Community, and let's see where we can go.

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