When did your career start to lose its appeal?


You have worked your whole life to provide, to feel like the person you thought you should be, and then it hit you.


Is there more than this?


There is. 


Welcome to the Normal40.

When did your career start to lose its appeal?


You have worked your whole life to provide, to feel like the person you thought you should be, and then it hit you.


Is there more than this?


Dude. There is. 


Welcome to the Normal40



When I came to my own crossroads, 14 QUESTIONS CHANGED MY LIFE. I have laid them out in a FREE download for you to read through and ask to yourself. These are the big questions, the major worries, and how to overcome them. 

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If there’s something holding you back and you don’t know what it is - you need The Trade

Lon Stroschein's first book - The Trade - is a guide through making the biggest change of your mid-life. 

You have likely spend the first half of your life by the book, clicking off the boxes of growth, and promotion. You are probably living above what you would have thought possible only six years ago. You set down a path 15 years ago, and it has delivered you here – where you are today.

To any outsider, it looks really damn good.

So, why does it not feel as good as it looks?

Written in a funny, honest, articulate way by a dude who went through it all, the Trade addresses this wanting and encourages you to consider the alternatives. 

If you have ‘the perfect life’ but still feel unfulfilled, then The Trade is the perfect place to start your journey to your second-half story.

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Stan McChrystal

The Trade is entertaining, uplifting wisdom. This is a captivatingly genuine story about the choices one person made, and the fundamental difference they made for he and those who love him. 

The Trade is a must-read for anyone facing transition.

Ryan Daniel Moran

I was hooked. I believe that Lon's is a mission worth fighting for, and this is why I am not only endorsing The Trade, but have also written the foreword.

You need to own this book, create a plan and then make The Trade.

Wendy Woodard

If you are in a place in your life and career where you are wondering, “Shouldn’t I feel better about what I’m doing with my life” and then feeling guilty for considering those changes, you need this book. There are gut punches ahead – gut punches you’ll realize you needed and will be glad to have taken.

Do you need a place to be right now? 

Normal 40 is not an age, it is a feeling. And when it finds you, you will know it. When you come to this crossroads in your life – when you want something more but feel like you have too much to lose – you need a place to call home—a place filled with people just like you.

You need a place that can’t be seen by bosses, colleagues, customers, and family. You need a place where other leaders in the same situation go to talk it out. You need a place that is safe and helpful. You need a place that motivates and inspires. And you need a place that gets you feeling like you used to feel.

You need - The Insider.

Sometimes it feels like there is nowhere to turn. We can't discuss the issue of wanting to leave our careers behind with our partners. We can't discuss issues like this at work, and we don’t discuss them with friends. We just tolerate the grind as we age.

The Insider was created organically after thousands of people responded to Lon's story of leaving his great job and great pay for a chance to live a great life. Since taking the leap, Lon has helped hundreds of people who are looking for guidance and searching for freedom.

Join a place filled with people going through the same thing you are. Join a leader who has made "The Trade" and is creating his second-half story. This is a place to come together, talk it out, and start exploring what’s next. As a community, we will begin writing your second-half story.

This is where it starts.

Check Out The Closed and Private Insider Community

Jason Tomsic

Lon gave me insights on things I did not recognise in myself. It has been quite the journey for the last 6 months, but my marriage is better, my relationship with my kids is better, I have got control of my time and in general just feel lighter and less stressed than I ever have. 

David Slobotski

When I first found Lon, I was at the moment in my life that I needed to make some decisions. Lon helped me to realise that it is better to take a swing and miss than never stepping up to bat. I started my own business, own my calendar, my time with my kids and time with my wife. 

Corey Quinn

Since joining the Normal 40, I have come to feel normal about all the things I felt abnormal about, felt guilty about, felt badly about. All of a sudden I have a guide in Lon, someone who puts himself out there and says all the things that I can't say, showing us that we are not alone. 

Maybe you’re ready for more. A lot more. 

Vintage One is a small-group and one-on-one coaching program led by Lon Stroschein. It’s an intense community with intense hands-on coaching. It’s for people who know they have more to give, who know their best days are in front of them, who can feel a trade brewing, but need help making it clear.

You will come away from this engagement with more than a plan for your second half story, you will come through this program with a deep relationship with a team who is right where you are, and an ongoing relationship with Lon. Vintage One is done virtually, but cohorts almost always choose to travel to meet during the engagement. It’s incredibly powerful.

Lon only hosts a few of these groups each year. The expectation is that you come in ready to participate, curious to see where it will go, and willing to be vulnerable with those in the cohort with you.

It’s amazing how much your life can change in a year. Vintage One will prove just how true that is.

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The Founder of Normal 40

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside and for wonderful leaders, building the careers of people around me.

I’ve built international expansion, led a $100M division, brokered a $2.1BN public-to-public transaction, built a private wealth group from scratch, and spent five years employed by the United States Senate. Not bad, right?

While my life has been spent taking risks and launching careers, my “Normal 40 Moment” was when I accepted that I had a deep desire to own my own business and to help executives, physicians, attorneys and military officers, and business owners chase their second-half story.

I’m here to help you take the first step into your second-half story.

I want you to feel as successful and fulfilled as you used to. That’s what the Normal 40 process has done, time and time again. It changes lives, and it will change yours too. Don’t let another week of work go by without at least exploring your Normal 40. Just like the first, the second half is yours, so let today be the day you take action and make a change.

My mission is to inspire change in one thousand lives. Maybe, just maybe, you are one of those one thousand.

 Normal 40: The Podcast 

In August 2022, I had no idea I would have a podcast. By November, simply by showing up curious, I had a podcast that ranks in the top 5%. Today, we’ve cracked the top 3% of podcasts worldwide. And it feels like we are just getting started.

Normal 40: The Podcast has rocketed to the top because it’s raw, real, unrehearsed, and pulls at the things you’ve been feeling, but unable to articulate. It punches at the feelings you’ve been holding in, and helps you finally understand that what you’re feeling is normal, and maybe even a gift.

These episodes have helped thousands of dudes put their feelings into words, put their minds at ease, and given them the courage to kick off a dialogue with their families. It’s not an overstatement to say that this podcast has changed some lives.

Our guests are real people, going through real challenges, working through their own Normal 40 Momnets, and sharing their wisdom along the way.

Episode 1 - The Beginning

In this episode, we meet the founder of the Normal 40 community, Mr. Lon Stroschein. Lon shares the path that led to the formation of the Normal 40 journey, which includes his personal account of feeling "that feeling".

Check Episode 1

Episode 2 - The Guilt

I’ve seen too many people get to retirement only to realize they have money but not the life they wanted. If you’re here, this is your time to take action. This is the time to write your second-half story. Let’s discover what’s in you.

Check Episode 2

Episode 3 - The Trade

getting to the place you want to be won't always come easy. Tough conversations, tough decisions, and tough choices are all a part of the journey. So, what does it mean to make the trade, and how do you know when it is time.

Check Episode 3

Normal 40 was created out of necessity for the unheard masses, trapped inside the box they created.


A box that, by all accounts, looks spectacular from the outside.

It’s that box, however, that holds you right where you are. After all, who would give up what you have?

Have you caught yourself sitting alone in your big home, imported car, large office, or cramped airplane seat, asking yourself … “Is this it?”

– Is this what I will do for the next ten years of my life?
– Are these the best days of my professional life?
– Is this what I traded all those nights and weekends to become?
– Dude, seriously, is this it?

Everyone in the Normal 40 movement has been where you are. They've felt what you’ve felt, and know how lonely it is.

That’s why you’re here - you’re searching for answers. That’s why we’re all here because you can’t allow any hint of how you’re really feeling to be known by your company or seen on social media.

When they want to connect, most people click the link on this site, rather than hit a “like” on LinkedIn. Why? Because here, you can remain invisible.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re not yet becoming the person you’re capable of being.

Normal 40 is a process we created that gets you out of your head and into your gut. It helps you get clarity on your second half and inspires action. If you don’t think it's possible for you, check out the testimonials.

Normal 40 helps you get back to where you used to be going…and back to how you used to feel.

And dude, it’s time for that.

Come Meet the Normal 40


The Rambler

This is not a newsletter. The last thing you need is more news.
Instead, The Normal 40 Rambler will be notes written from me to you.
Guaranteed to meet you right where you are. Trust me.