Episode 3: The Trade

Normal 40 is a process that gets you out of your head and into your gut. It helps you get back to where you used to be going…and back to how you used to feel. You can choose to explore it and let it out, or you can choose to suppress it and hold it in. The Normal 40 process requires a lot of introspective thinking and feeling. Let's face it, these might not be things that all dudes are comfortable doing.

In this episode, Lon Stroschein, founder of Normal 40, and co-pilot Adam Eaton explore the concept of "the trade". Simply put, getting to the place you want to be won't always come easy. Tough conversations, tough decisions, and tough choices are all a part of the journey. So, what does it mean to make the trade, and how do you know when it is time.

** Original music by Damien Boudreau, #586