Episode 1: The Beginning

Normal 40 is a process that gets you out of your head and into your gut. It helps you get back to where you used to be going…and back to how you used to feel. You can choose to explore it and let it out, or you can choose to suppress it and hold it in.

In this episode, we meet the founder of the Normal 40 community, Mr. Lon Stroschein. Lon shares the path that led to the formation of the Normal 40 journey, which includes his personal account of feeling "that feeling". Along with co-pilot Adam Eaton, Lon shares many of his early learning experiences, which became the foundation for the Normal 40 process. He describes "that feeling" and discusses how he recognized it, embraced it, and ultimately decided to harness it into something unique. And the great thing is, you can do it too.

We are all dudes on a journey, and although we might be in different places, we owe it to each other, and ourselves, to keep showing up.