Episode 2: The Guilt

Normal 40 is a process I created that has worked for me and many others. It’s a process that gets you out of your head and into your gut. It helps you get back to where you used to be going…and back to how you used to feel. You can choose to explore it and let it out, or you can choose to suppress it and hold it in. But holding it in leads to regret. I’ve seen too many people get to retirement only to realize they have money but not the life they wanted. If you’re here, this is your time to take action. This is the time to write your second-half story. The action you take from this moment forward will pivot your world. My second half story is to help 1,000 people write their second-half story and live it. Let me be more precise: My mission is to have 1000 people write me a note or create a video of thanks for helping them to change their life. That’s my metric – nothing less. Maybe the next one is you. That’s what’s in me. Let’s discover what’s in you.